The only parameter in the create request is the UserGuid. This is a pass-through field that should tie to a unique user ID in your system. You can use this to track all the campaigns by a user. This field is optional and can be left empty.

The response is the campaign serialized to json.

The two important fields to examine in the response are the Guid and the BugHtml. You will need the Guid for all future requests regarding this campaign. This is unique to this one campaign. The BugHtml is the snippet of HTML you will need to insert into your outgoing email. You will need to insert this inside the <body></body> tags.

A note about the BugHtml: You should try to keep this exactly as it is. Altering this snippet can have unexpected consquences. There is one exception. You'll notice a few points where we include the url a parameter d=[UNIQUE]. You will want to swap [UNIQUE] with a merge code from your system that will allow you to identify the recipients later.

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