This method returns a redirect to the preview image or an (optional) redirect to a fallback image. In all other respects it behaves identically to requesting a preview above.

This makes requesting and displaying a capture in your user interface as simple as including any other remote image. For example, for a web application, you would place the constructed URL in the src attribute of an <img> tag (see example).

It can also be used as a convenience when downloading captures by simply configuring your HTTP client to follow redirects, cutting out the need to parse JSON and make a second request.


This method typically typically blocks for about 6 seconds when a new preview must be captured

400 Bad Request
404 Not Found - when the email_guid is not found. This can occur when email assets or stored captures have expired having exceeded their lifetime
500 Internal Server Error - in particular when email clients fail unexpectedly
503 Service Unavailable
504 Timeout - this can occur when an email client takes too long to respond


Some failure cases can take significantly longer to return than the typical 6 seconds for a successful case.

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